FreshCUP™ - Necessity and the invention

As with most good things, FreshCUP™ is a product of need. More specifically, it was a simple cup of coffee, or rather, the lack thereof, that sparked the development of FreshCUP™.

A few years ago, like tens of thousands of his fellow workers across Israel, FreshCUP™’s founder, Avi Kafzan, found himself looking to take advantage of a rare break in his day with a cup of coffee. At the time, disposable cups had not yet conquered Israeli office spaces and Avi was forced to clean a particularly dirty coffee mug. Avi being Avi, did a bit more and after 10 precious minutes, the sink was also shining! A minute later it hit him…what if there were a compact dishwasher in the kitchenette designed and devoted solely to cleaning dirty cups and glassware? It would save so much time and aggravation!

products sold

Over 8,000 FreshCUP™ machines have been sold worldwide

money saved ($/Mil.)

Recruited happy employees for more than 1,800 companies


More than 97% success rate in matching candidates with the right companies


Average employee retention rate is around 24 months

A warm welcome for a fresh idea

5 years later, Avi and a handpicked team of engineers brought his vision to fruition, developing a compact device that was easy to use, efficient and fast.

At the heart of FreshCUP™ is it’s proprietary detergent cartridge – when placed in the FreschCUP™ washer, the patented formula cleans, disinfects and washes 3 cups at the same time, in just 30 seconds. Yes, you heard right, “30 seconds” – FreshCUP™ is very likely the fastest washing machine in the world.

Looking back, Avi did not initially comprehend that his invention would also add a whole other category of value, namely the environmental benefit.

Each FreshCUP™ cleaning cartridge is capable of cleaning 500 cups, saving the planet from up to 500 disposable cups, in every office, every coffee shop in every city, every country where FreshCUP™ is used.

It’s no wonder, then, that mega corporations such as Motorola and Microsoft, are readily adopting the invention, with dozens of other companies joining their ranks each month.

FreshCUP™ is the new way to clean, it’s the new way to achieve sustainability, it’s the new way to save time and money.

FreshCUP™ has now landed in Ireland with a team on the ground headed up by Managing Director Brendan McKenna leading the Irish Freshcup Revolution – something we Irish are really good at! 

You can contact Brendan directly on brendanmckenna@freshcup.ie  / 087 146 6843

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